Chew-a-licious Advertising

Posted: December 19, 2009 in Uncategorized
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So as I was looking over some of the news articles on my phone this morning I came across one from Mashable that I really enjoyed. This article shows a great deal of “social sensitivity” from Trident Gum. Honestly a great piece.

So what I find great about this print ad is the fact that Trident took the time to find out what people were saying about their new gum. They way they did it was even better. I am so happy to actually find a company truly using Twitter in an advertising sense (yes best buy has done this to an extent with the @twelpforce but has not used unsolicited testimonials). This is what social media was made for. This is a great way for a company to find out what people are saying about the products and services and best of all…. it is FREE!!!! Previously one had to send out surveys or create a focus group to really find out what consumers were thinking but with Facebook and Twitter, Marketers are able to figure things out quickly and efficiently.

I really hope more small businesses and large ones get used to social media marketing. It is a great tool and not hard to learn. I look forward to more great ads like this one. Great job Trident Layers!


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