Social Media Marketing Continues!

Posted: December 24, 2009 in Uncategorized
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So I have decided to dive into a few new social media sites to try their worth and I must say I am impressed with what I see. I am going to list a few of the newer services I have been trying out and mentioning what I see as the marketing opportunity for the service.

First let’s go with Google Wave. This new service is invite only (for those that may want to try I have a few invites.. let me know). This service has great potential… for the business end of the spectrum. I see this service as a supplement to an instant messenger/email service with a little bit of the conferencing built in. I can see Google is trying to take over the internet and doing a really good job of it. This is a great cooperative site that may not be for consumers but by using Google Groups with this could really do a lot. Sadly this needs a little something extra  to really be pick up on by the consumer masses.. still a great product.

Next is Loopt. Loopt is a great little service to get to know your surroundings. Hungry, find some good food close by. Need to find your friends? Well as long as everyone has a GPS-enabled phone your can find them if they are close. Need to find something to do? Find events nearby. It is a great service to fill up your weekend. Enable it to connect with your other Facebook and Twitter to let your newer social media challenged friends know what you are doing. Great little service to figure out what is going on.

Finally I am now trying out Foursquare. This app seems to be a great idea for local businesses. One can check in at different place (much like Loopt) but the kicker is you can set up your own list of your Top 12 places and your Top 12 “To Dos” for the new people coming in. What is great is you can become a “Mayor” of certain places by checking in so many times. Really like your local bar? Check in and become Mayor. Then you can let everyone know. While this service is still pretty new, Mashable’s founder has spoken very highly of it, including the fact that it could very well be the next Twitter. Check out this article detailing the possibilities behind the service.

Check out the new social media platforms and vote for your favorite by using it. I am really leaning towards Foursquare myself and if you need a friend… on these services, comment and let me know!


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