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Posted: January 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So I was watching the season premier of 24 this past weekend when I happened upon the new ad from the Zimmerman Agency in Florida and the supplemental insurance company AFLAC. This new campaign is challenging the public’s notion that AFLAC is just like their major medical insurance provider and that there is no need for the company’s products. Having sold insurance for the company for a few years I understand the frustration that the company is going through. They have only recently started advertising what they do. The ads that originally came out did not give a lot of information, only the annoyingly cute duck spokes-animal.

What they are trying to do now is dispel the myth that AFLAC is like all the other insurance providers that are considered the primary insurance. The “supplemental” title has started being used (I am not going to go into detail about the differences between the two types of insurance as the purpose of my blog is not to try to sell products or services…. besides, I will not get a commission off any sells made (; ) to differentiate itself.  It is great to see the strategy expanded. Could the spot be better? I am sure. I do love the challenge to find out more but maybe they could give an incentive to those who do try to find out more. The typical consumer has been ignoring their ads for years so will this really help? Hopefully more then I give them credit for.

Check out the splash site they have set up to complement the campaign and see if you “know quack.”


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