Best, Guaranteed, Most Effective Social Media Marketing Techniques!

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So I hope you did not come to this blog looking for the tips that would make you a super star social media marketer in the eyes of your employer because, much like those late night get rich quick schemes, there is no one formula for hitting it big. What you need are the basics and a willingness to learn. Now that will not get me a spot in a big marketing seminar but honestly I am here to give my insights. What I can do is give you my steps towards potential social media greatness… after all if you wanted a strict proven formula for success you would have chosen a field other then marketing.

First and foremost, you need to jump in. You can learn everything from book… or in this case websites, but if you do not take that first leap, noting is going to happen. Research is of course key. That part of marketing should not be left out as you NEED to know who you are targeting, which kind of social media they use most (but honestly jumping into Facebook, Twitter and blogging are going to be your best bet… at first) and what they look for online.  Once you have the basics about your demographic you need to take that leap.

After jumping in you need to tweak your strategy. Yes you still need somewhat of a strategy to get this done but the strategy is flexible. The way to tweak the strategy is to continue learning from your favorite social media marketers, be they bloggers or actual companies that you feel are doing a great job. Follow them, learn from them, observe their ways. This is how I have actually learned the most. I have seen what true social media dialogue should be.

Ask your followers. When you get a few, a certain number to be determined in your strategy, ask them what they want from following you. If you rely on the people who you are trying to get in touch with, there is a good chance others are going to feel the same way. As you ask for information you will also make your followers feel part of the process. They will be invested in you, your online strategy and your company, WIN-WIN!

Next up is do not be pushy. We all know the hot used car salesman that always gets on everyone’s nerves. Why are they everyone’s favorite? They only talk about the sale. Don’t be that guy. Talk about news that is pertinent to your industry, look for glowing reviews of your product and retweet it out for others to see and you can always take the Best Buy route and go for a support squad, looking for opportunities to service your potential customers. One of my favorites is the good old contest/giveaway approach, for questions geared towards your business off course. Do not be the used car salesman of Twitter, for all of our sakes.

I will also say that you need to innovate. Try something new. Use social media as a way for people to receive discounts or special information on sales. There are a number of ways for you to innovate and bring more customers to your website. Be creative.

These are the basics. Build on them. Just remember that there is no true secret formula to success on the interwebs, no matter what you are told. Look into the blogosphere and even Mashable, they are good people.


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