Social Media Meltdown

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So a while back I talked about a few new-er social media apps; Loopt, Wave and Foursquare. Time has come and gone and I have decided on a winner (in my book). Of course this is just my personal preference so take it as you will, and try to convince me otherwise in the comments!

My last place app would be Loopt. I honestly did not keep it long as it did not have the “wow” factor that made me want to keep using it. Basically I could do everything Loopt can do (minus actually looking for a place to eat) with Twitter. I did not see the benefit to using the app and stopped using it very quickly.

Next up is Wave. I left this at second place because I kind of still use it. A group of friends and I get together via Wave to talk about music but the conversation starts to lag…. not due to our lack of knowledge on the subject but due to the service itself. Our group only consisted of four members at that time, really? This shouldn’t happen. At least it is free and technically still in closed beta so maybe it will get better.

Next up, and my favorite, Foursquare. What sets Foursquare apart from the other location based apps is the game you play. Checking in is fun and all but the first time you get that Mayor status you get a little sense of entitlement. Upon losing a mayor status, it is like being demoted at work. You almost feel like less of a person and you try to win it back (great news for the business). Becoming mayor of even more places or getting more badges then your friends is like street cred. You have bragging rights.

I have been exchanging Tweets with (I guess you could say) friend on Twitter about this service lately and have come to the consensus that it is just plain addicting. Going out of your way to “check-in.” The history of my Foursquare looks like a listing of local restaurants. It is a unique way to show ownership of your local area and to share it with your friends. If you are afraid of sharing your status, you can not send it to Facebook or Twitter but if that is not good enough you can always set Foursquare to hide your whereabouts even from friends on Foursquare.

The way I see it is Foursquare is stimulating the economy, one check-in at a time. Can’t go wrong with that.


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