Sex sells (Now maybe people will read my blog!)

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So we have all heard the phrase that sex sells. Well does it really? Short answer is yes. Now this would not make for a good blog post so I figure I will give my two cents on why sex seems to work so well.

I have a theory with advertising and marketing and the most effective campaigns. The best campaigns have that “Wow Factor” that leaves the audience with quite an impression on the company or product. Sex just so happens to be one of the items that can work and that is why it sells. Humor is also one of those huge aspects of advertising that just works for some companies. Look at Budweiser and the famous Bud-Weis-Er frogs from so long ago. Spokespeople also work along the same lines. Michael Jordan had a great run with Gatorade and Nike.

Basically I guess my reasoning behind this post was to partly debunk the “Sex Sells” line while also showing why the line is true. Confusing, I know. Also I wrote this to show that sex does not have to be used in advertising as Humor, Spokespeople and more can be used. You could say that lazy advertisers use sex to sell their products but that too is not entirely true. There are products and companies that have used sex to sell their products VERY effectively. As with any campaign you must take a look at the target audience, your product and the company culture to determine if sex works. Basically my blog post has been a way for me to declare the validity of and uselessness of sex in advertising.

If that was not confusing for you then you are my hero. That is all.

  1. Jonny P says:

    I totally agree with you. I think that sex sells to those who buy sex. You don't see sexy ladies in commercials for wheelchairs or arthritis medication, you see them in beer and cruise commercials. The thing that bugs me is when sex is used as a fallback, ie What does Danica Patrick taking off her shirt have to do with domain names? When you do that, you run the risk of having a memorable ad, but not a memorable product, which is the biggest no no in advertising.

  2. […] have written about using sex to sell in the past but with this great quote, I wanted to add to […]

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