Technology Makes It Easy

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Social Media, Technology, Thoughts
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Lately I have been listening to a musician named Sage Francis. He has inspired me with many of his writings but with this last album that recently came out, Li(f)e, there was a song that has touched me in various ways. “Best of Times,” shown above, demonstrates Sage’s ability to poetically rap but most of all, that he is a true word smith.

As this is not a music blog, per se, I will only be talking about what this song means to me in the business/social media sense. This is also a topic that I have been playing with in my head for quite some time so bear with me.

Technology Made it Easy For Us to Stay in Touch While Keeping Our Distance

Actual screenshot from Facebook

So now you see where this blog post is going. Technology, whether it be cell phones, social media or computers, has made communication less personal, while letting keep in touch much easier.

When I was younger there was no Facebook or Twitter or MySpace. When you wanted to talk to someone you either had to call them on the phone or go over to their house. Do not get me wrong, I love technology but with the social media it has given us a way to communicate in a very impersonal manner. Of course with many of the people on Twitter that you may be following you have never met and that is OK but take a look at the screenshot from Facebook I posted. These two are actually married yet they make their plans over a wall post? (The remark about the vacation is most likely in reference to my remark to them)

Why do we communicate like this? Well it is easier. It is much like a quick text message or email, that anyone can see. It also gives us the option to virtually meet people we may never have had the opportunity to meet. While this is just fine it does not compete with the experience of meeting with someone in real life (or as they say on Twitter, IRL). We basically become the sum of those people we meet and every encounter can lead to a very meaningful relationship at some point down the road.

All is not lost. If you want to me your local Twitter followers, schedule a Tweetup. Using the Twtvite you can find or schedule a Tweetup in your home town to get to know those with whom you already have a relationship online. Or check out Meetup for people who may share you interests in your area. There is anything from Mountain Biking to themed Meetups happening all over your town, so check them out!

There are so many other organizations you can join to meet like-minded individuals and really enjoy yourself so I challenge you to break free of technology’s grasp and meet someone new, IRL. You will be happy you did.


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