Armchair Quarterbacking

Posted: December 28, 2011 in Marketing, Social Media, Thoughts
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It has definitely been a while since I have updated my blog. With that I bring you a longer than normal post!

There is no better spot to witness the armchair quarterback in business than on social media. Currently you have many “experts” willing to give their advice to companies that have stumbled in their efforts, and we all fall in this category. Yes I am including myself in this. I find myself being a little too cynical of what is going on.

Of course with national flubs like Lowe’s, GoDaddy, Ocean Marketing, and countless others have experienced lately it is no wonder we all decide to hang out on the sidelines and declare “what we would have done.”

As many have pointed out, it is very beneficial to have a disaster recovery plan in place. It is also important to have someone knowledgable in place to handle the backlash. The thing that each of these companies have forgotten to do is to remember what they stand for. Lowe’s is a company that stood for the American Dream, home ownership. It wasn’t solely the Christian or Jewish Dream. It was about the diversity that we have in America but we all want the same thing. We want a place of our own. Lowe’s is able to help people make their house a home but the company forgot its primary purpose.

GoDaddy is in the same boat. It thrives off of people being able to do what they want online without fear of most repercussion and the legislation that GoDaddy helped create by sponsoring it went against the values of its customers. Ocean Marketing was a service company. It provided a service and if part of that includes customer service, which apparently it did, you must remain professional with the customer at all times. The customer does not care whether or not you have had a bad day or week. They write your paycheck and need to be treated like that.

There are many examples of companies “doing it wrong” but if you look hard enough there are many more of those that do it right. You must understand what you stand for before making any decisions and then decide if your next campaign falls within those standards. Make sure you stick to your guns and follow through. Be strong and do not second guess your ideas if they truly go along with your brand.

What companies do you see that stick to their brand, no matter what?

  1. Bruce says:

    Even though I think they go a bit far with all of the “save the polar bears thing,” Coke really seems to stick with that theme they’ve had for years. I think it has become a part of their brand and I think they do it well.

    That is just the most obvious that I thought of.

    There is another company locally here, Casabella Interiors (they’re on fb), that has had huge success on social media. Funny thing is, they don’t try them all. They are only on facebook and they do it well. They stick to what they do best…home interiors. Anything to do with decor for your house, they do it. They keep it fun…exciting, and really interact with their fans and customers. I’ve never even shopped there and I have a positive image of them.

    • Matt Hodson says:

      Coke definitely has a theme and what they stand for. They did have their own misstep years ago with New Coke but came back. I wonder if that would have played out differently today with Social Media?

      Thanks Bruce!

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