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Quit your day jobIn my last post I spoke about who in an organization should take the reigns of the social media campaign. All the “consultants” (myself included) probably thought they were safe as they are able to do any and everything asked of them. Well truth is that the consultants are not safe.

Social media is a new beast for many companies and as such the need to hire outside help is strong. Not every company can find the right person with enough experience to tackle the set up of a social media campaign from scratch. What they need to look out for is the perception of the company when a third-party takes the reigns. I spoke about Sales/customer service being a huge part of your social media presence. Do you honestly want someone who does not know your products and has 3-5 other accounts to try to handle any complaints that come down the Social Media pipe? Would you not rather have fewer people handling a process? This is what happens when you outsource.

What was that? You say you cannot afford/justify another full-time worker on salary? What if you divided the responsibilities among those already in sales/marketing/pr. Better yet you could hire a part-timer (although Social Media is a 24/7 job) or another “Marketing Coordinator” to help the already stressed Marketing/PR department. Make social media the main requirement but give them other responsibilities to push them along the way.

Yes I understand that I just made myself and many of my friends irrelevant (although I am looking for a full-time gig *hint hint*) and I may take some flack for that but do not fret. No one reads this blog. Even if they did there are still ad agencies out there. This business model will not die with this one blog post. There will always be a need for true social media “consultants,” we just need to make ourselves indispensable. We also need to get rid of those who call themselves gurus, ninjas, rockstars or any other manner of title that does not mean anything. Just because you have a Twitter account and a laptop you are not an expert.

Do you think the consultants should go the way of the dinosaur? Do you want to rip me a new one for exposing the little secret we all know? Let me know in the comments!

Updated: Maybe we should see more “consultants” being hired for a month of two to get the social media up and running, along with the training of the key players. This way the company gets to see how it will be run and the “consultant” (I do like coach better) will not need to go away. This could be a better solution. Small businesses would not hire them full-time as it would not be needed. Would this be a better model than just going in and showing them how it is done?


Long time, no post

Posted: November 13, 2008 in Uncategorized
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So lately I have been a little too busy to post. I am currently job hunting, finishing my last semester at school, working an internship, running a separate website from this, having a family life and social life, and working on an advertising campaign for a local non-profit company called HomeBase Youth Services. I lead a busy life and unfortunately I have completely put off my blog. I guess you can call it lack of time/sleep to concentrate on this one thing. I do have about 3 entries I started on and for one reason or another, never finished. Well I figured it was about time.

A couple things have changed in my life this semester. Not only has it been a rough time trying to get everything done, but I have realized that maybe the path I was going down for a career is changing  originally thought of going into product/brand management in an international company. My dream really is to go international at some point in my career. I am now gravitating towards advertising. 
I am currently in an advertising class and am loving it. I am also the lead on the advertising project for HomeBase and I love using my creativity while being in charge of something so important. It is a great feeling. It is also interesting to see the board of the organization look at my group as if we have no idea what we are doing and the challenge is then to get approval for our projects. It is a great game of cat and mouse. Honestly at this point I want a job in advertising but I see how hard it is to get into right now with the large number of layoffs. Well I guess persistence pays off. Wish me luck!
P.S. Check out this ad from a local company, Moses Anshell. Great guys. I know Louie Moses and he is very intelligent and incredibly creative.