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Lately in the social media world there has been a lot of talk about the geolocation, and rightly so. For those of you unaware, geolocation uses the GPS in your phone to determine where you are. From there, and depending on the app, you can check-in to the place you are and tell your friends. This sphere is getting to be so popular that Facebook has even announced an entrance into the geolocation arena.

Currently there are quite a few players vying for supremacy with clear, current leader. Foursquare is leading the pack even though it was not the first entrant and this is attributed to the game aspect that has been included. In this game you earn badges for completing tasks or can become “Mayor” of your favorite spot by checking-in more than anyone else. The rest of the pack includes BrightKite, Loopt, Gowalla and Whrrl, among others.

While Foursquare does currently have the lead I recently found a new service with loads of potential, SCVNGR. Remember having scavenger hunts as a kid? This has the same premise. SCVNGR runs off of points, you get a point just for checking in and then the real game comes into play. This past week I checked-in at a local Mexican restaurant for a meeting. Upon checking in I was then given the tasks to gain more points; Social Check-in (check-in with friends), Take a picture, Fear Factor (where you take a picture of your food in such a way that it looks like it should be on Fear Factor) and Say Something (those are all I remember).

So what is so good about this new service? This makes the game all the more interactive and all your non-tech minded friends can help you complete the tasks. The creators have also been hard at work speaking with various companies to get a rewards program off the ground. If that does not start your creative wheels turning how about a partnership with the Minnesota Vikings? What does this new service have in store? Growth. I have been watching it for quite some time and only recently jumped in the game with the acquisition of a new phone.

This is currently the only thing slowing growth, availability. For those with an iPhone or Android device I recommend jumping in. The great thing is that you can create a trek and anyone with SMS capability can join in, just not for the check-in service.

My conclusion after playing around with SCVNGR for the last little bit is that Foursquare may need to update a few things to keep their spot on top. The potential for this relatively new entrant is immense and with geolocation on the rise, as well as GPS-enabled phones sales rising, SCVNGR is in a good spot to grow, quickly.

Maybe what they should focus on is making an app available to those without smartphones to get them enthralled with the service so when they finally do go to the smartphones they are already engaged in SCVNGR and will not want to try the other services. Could this be the key to dominance for geolocation to really take off? Only time will tell.

Be formulating new strategy to incorporate these services, I know I am.

Let me know what you think. Have you tried SCVNGR or any of the other apps mentioned and if so what is your take? Or is geolocation more of a fad?


So I ran across this today when I logged into my Foursquare account. Go ahead and look… I am talking about the highlighted area that asks if you are the manager of the business. What is that you ask? Well I had to check it out for myself.

After clicking on the hyperlink it takes you to a page that explains what the business manager gets in return for claiming the venue:

In order to give you the power to create specials for your venue, we need to confirm that you’re the person in charge of managing that venue.

In addition to being able to create specials for you location, Foursquare gives you access to its research:

By claiming your venue, you’ll also get exclusive access to the stats we collect for your venue — how many people check in on what days and times, and lots of other goodies.

What I like about this “new” option (I haven’t seen it before today) is that it is finally an option to track visits to your location. Foursquare will actually keep track of the visits for your specials. You are only allowed one active special at a time but can activate a new special at anytime.

Why is this significant you ask? Well this removes a barrier many small businesses have been facing to entering the Foursquare game. Before this it was a little more difficult to keep track of the specials and required more work on the part of the business owner. I applaud Foursquare’s decision to make it easier to control the specials and look forward to what this is going to do for small business and the mainstream adoption of Foursquare’s service. 

Gowalla has had a little buzz as of late (no social media pun intended) that would also be great as a blog post… maybe another post is in order?

What is your take on the new “fad” of geolocation apps? Will the fad fade or is this the next big thing? Do we even need geolocation? Let me know!

So I have been thinking of little things I could do to make the Marketing world a little better place. Figured I might as well get my head wrapped around the idea of brainstorming on a regular basis for that day when I get a job. Well I figured I would share some of my ideas…. with the knowledge that they may get stolen at some point.  Well here it goes (and I am not sharing all my ideas… that would be stupid).

My first thought is on the location-based app world that is starting to bloom. It is no secret that I really like Foursquare. It has become an addicting little pass time  for me as of late. I began to think of how Foursquare to monetize their business (and this goes for Gowalla, Loopt and the others out there) and came to a conclusion. All of this data that these companies collect is VERY valuable. You find out how many people they usually show up with, what they are saying and how often they go (probably what kind of phone they checked-in on as well). This can be a lot of use for marketers. Why not sell this information to the companies? Now before you grab your I-want-my-privacy pitchforks let me explain that they would not get any information you are not giving to your social networks and you could opt-out of the personal information sharing, just the location sharing would be shared.

Start off with a pricing plan that for each location you want info on you pay a certain price. Then if you want info on your competitors you pay more. Well you can see where I am getting at here. This would help with the market research and make sure these budding social media companies stick around a while longer.

Next up I figured I would put in a PR idea I have. This also deals with Foursquare and the adoption of social media into your integrated marketing strategy. So you already use email marketing… or you should, and now you are diving into the realm of location-based sharing to get your company out there. You have your Twitter, Facebook, blog, Flickr and other social media profiles on your website. Now what? Well you can check to see who is Mayor of your locations and give them a little bonus or discount. You then mention the discount on your website to entice others to jockey for that coveted position. Even better, you post the profile or name of the current mayor of your locations on your Facebook, blog and email newsletter to encourage competition. You make people want to gain that mayorship to gain that recognition. Maybe give discounts for kicking a mayor out. You want turnover in that mayorship because that means loyalty and repeat business.

These are just some of my ideas. Take them as they come. Ask me for more… but the next ones will cost you (I want a job).

Social Media Meltdown

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So a while back I talked about a few new-er social media apps; Loopt, Wave and Foursquare. Time has come and gone and I have decided on a winner (in my book). Of course this is just my personal preference so take it as you will, and try to convince me otherwise in the comments!

My last place app would be Loopt. I honestly did not keep it long as it did not have the “wow” factor that made me want to keep using it. Basically I could do everything Loopt can do (minus actually looking for a place to eat) with Twitter. I did not see the benefit to using the app and stopped using it very quickly.

Next up is Wave. I left this at second place because I kind of still use it. A group of friends and I get together via Wave to talk about music but the conversation starts to lag…. not due to our lack of knowledge on the subject but due to the service itself. Our group only consisted of four members at that time, really? This shouldn’t happen. At least it is free and technically still in closed beta so maybe it will get better.

Next up, and my favorite, Foursquare. What sets Foursquare apart from the other location based apps is the game you play. Checking in is fun and all but the first time you get that Mayor status you get a little sense of entitlement. Upon losing a mayor status, it is like being demoted at work. You almost feel like less of a person and you try to win it back (great news for the business). Becoming mayor of even more places or getting more badges then your friends is like street cred. You have bragging rights.

I have been exchanging Tweets with (I guess you could say) friend on Twitter about this service lately and have come to the consensus that it is just plain addicting. Going out of your way to “check-in.” The history of my Foursquare looks like a listing of local restaurants. It is a unique way to show ownership of your local area and to share it with your friends. If you are afraid of sharing your status, you can not send it to Facebook or Twitter but if that is not good enough you can always set Foursquare to hide your whereabouts even from friends on Foursquare.

The way I see it is Foursquare is stimulating the economy, one check-in at a time. Can’t go wrong with that.

Social Media Marketing Continues!

Posted: December 24, 2009 in Uncategorized
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So I have decided to dive into a few new social media sites to try their worth and I must say I am impressed with what I see. I am going to list a few of the newer services I have been trying out and mentioning what I see as the marketing opportunity for the service.

First let’s go with Google Wave. This new service is invite only (for those that may want to try I have a few invites.. let me know). This service has great potential… for the business end of the spectrum. I see this service as a supplement to an instant messenger/email service with a little bit of the conferencing built in. I can see Google is trying to take over the internet and doing a really good job of it. This is a great cooperative site that may not be for consumers but by using Google Groups with this could really do a lot. Sadly this needs a little something extra  to really be pick up on by the consumer masses.. still a great product.

Next is Loopt. Loopt is a great little service to get to know your surroundings. Hungry, find some good food close by. Need to find your friends? Well as long as everyone has a GPS-enabled phone your can find them if they are close. Need to find something to do? Find events nearby. It is a great service to fill up your weekend. Enable it to connect with your other Facebook and Twitter to let your newer social media challenged friends know what you are doing. Great little service to figure out what is going on.

Finally I am now trying out Foursquare. This app seems to be a great idea for local businesses. One can check in at different place (much like Loopt) but the kicker is you can set up your own list of your Top 12 places and your Top 12 “To Dos” for the new people coming in. What is great is you can become a “Mayor” of certain places by checking in so many times. Really like your local bar? Check in and become Mayor. Then you can let everyone know. While this service is still pretty new, Mashable’s founder has spoken very highly of it, including the fact that it could very well be the next Twitter. Check out this article detailing the possibilities behind the service.

Check out the new social media platforms and vote for your favorite by using it. I am really leaning towards Foursquare myself and if you need a friend… on these services, comment and let me know!