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Wow. My last post has caused quite an uproar. I have received a few emails in regards to the post and many have been attacking me personally, calling me unprofessional and that I do not know what I am talking about. Guess I should take the time to tell you a little about myself.

I do not take myself seriously. Neither should you. I love life and love a discussion. Sometimes I write in the argumentative sense meaning (if you forgot from your college writing classes) that you write for a certain side, whether or not you believe that side, to elicit a response. Looks like I did that. Let’s stop taking ourselves so seriously for just one moment. I understand you feel like I was attacking your livelihood and you are angry. Guess what, that is also how I make my money. I honestly do not expect people to read the blog but I make it available for those that do. These are just words. Take them for what they are and leave the name calling (albeit subtle) out of this.

Let’s get professional here. If you take yourself too seriously maybe you should read this post from Outspoken Media to really find out more about yourself.

My only advice is have fun and try to enjoy life a little more. Join in on the light-hearted discussion and do not verbally attack those who you do not agree with.

P.S. Should I go the way of the dinosaur?

Too bad.