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Tweet me home!

Posted: May 8, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So I have been a huge advocate of Twitter lately (as have most people that use it on a constant basis) and I have been pondering what this service means and how it should be used, especially in a business sense. What I came up with is a little old school, I will admit, but could help many people understand how to better use Twitter to their advantage.

I was thinking of the term “Mirco-Blogger” and conjure up images of Blogger or WordPress and the one-way communication that typically happens with most blogs. Instead of this whole micro-blog I prefer to think of the old school chat rooms. Twitter is like a large chat room where you can be as selective as you want to be with who you see and can converse with. With this mentality maybe we would see less regurgitation of information and more of a dialog.

Another example that works well from the “chat room days” is the spammers. You look at what they would do (bring in links to click on without adding anything to the discussion) and you can see many companies doing the same thing. Be productive. Give, do not just try to take when on Twitter and you will do well.

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