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So I have been thinking of little things I could do to make the Marketing world a little better place. Figured I might as well get my head wrapped around the idea of brainstorming on a regular basis for that day when I get a job. Well I figured I would share some of my ideas…. with the knowledge that they may get stolen at some point.  Well here it goes (and I am not sharing all my ideas… that would be stupid).

My first thought is on the location-based app world that is starting to bloom. It is no secret that I really like Foursquare. It has become an addicting little pass time  for me as of late. I began to think of how Foursquare to monetize their business (and this goes for Gowalla, Loopt and the others out there) and came to a conclusion. All of this data that these companies collect is VERY valuable. You find out how many people they usually show up with, what they are saying and how often they go (probably what kind of phone they checked-in on as well). This can be a lot of use for marketers. Why not sell this information to the companies? Now before you grab your I-want-my-privacy pitchforks let me explain that they would not get any information you are not giving to your social networks and you could opt-out of the personal information sharing, just the location sharing would be shared.

Start off with a pricing plan that for each location you want info on you pay a certain price. Then if you want info on your competitors you pay more. Well you can see where I am getting at here. This would help with the market research and make sure these budding social media companies stick around a while longer.

Next up I figured I would put in a PR idea I have. This also deals with Foursquare and the adoption of social media into your integrated marketing strategy. So you already use email marketing… or you should, and now you are diving into the realm of location-based sharing to get your company out there. You have your Twitter, Facebook, blog, Flickr and other social media profiles on your website. Now what? Well you can check to see who is Mayor of your locations and give them a little bonus or discount. You then mention the discount on your website to entice others to jockey for that coveted position. Even better, you post the profile or name of the current mayor of your locations on your Facebook, blog and email newsletter to encourage competition. You make people want to gain that mayorship to gain that recognition. Maybe give discounts for kicking a mayor out. You want turnover in that mayorship because that means loyalty and repeat business.

These are just some of my ideas. Take them as they come. Ask me for more… but the next ones will cost you (I want a job).


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Posted: July 31, 2008 in Uncategorized
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So I have recently been participating in an internship at a local credit union and I have realized a few things, people do not know how to sell.

One of my responsibilities was to help with a competitive brand analysis and as part of it I researched and shopped the local competition. During my visits I did not find a single credit union that did everything the sales process asks for. First off when I dealt with sales I would make sure that if a potential customer came in to ask about any account or loan I would direct them to the right representative that could answer their questions and set up the product. When I was the one doing the selling I would make sure to probe to find out what was needed and not just list off a “laundry list” of accounts or services. After the chat I would be sure to do the most important part of the sales process (the most overlooked part), I would ask for the sale. I would not let the potential customer out of the branch without asking if they would like to open the account.

I went into ten different credit unions and not one asked me for the sale. Everyone assumed I only wanted information and that if I decided to open the account I would be back. The customer is already in front of you. Most times if they walk out they will not be back. Of course there are a few that will be back but what I was really shopping for a new financial institution and what they had to offer was appealing but no one asked me if I wanted to open the account at that time. I would then go to another place that would not be any better and they ask me to open the account and I do it, only because they asked for the sale.

One part of sales that many do not understand is that to get your consumer to listen to your message is the hardest part. If you have them there AND in your place of business but you let them go, you are literally watching sales go out the door. The easiest thing to do is to get in the habit of saying, “Would you like to set that up now?”

The other part of sales that is apparently hard for some people to grasp is the relationship selling. I went to a branch today to make sales calls with one of the managers and the sales call turned into a counseling session. The manager decided that she did not need to make her sales calls and only wanted advice on how to perform the calls better. What I gathered from our visit is that she does not believe in the credit union’s products. She is afraid that her products do not match up to other institution but what she needs to know is that banking products are almost exactly the same across all institutions and what the person is really buying is your service. If you believe in the product and your company the consumers will trust you and and will purchase your products. This is the same for any industry.

Remember to sell is to believe.