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I just wanted to start off by saying “thanks” to everyone that helped out with this little experiment I did. Now for the back story.

I was recently emailed about a position for a Social Media Manager I had applied for before getting my current position. They mentioned that they were going to be going through the process of hiring and wanted applicants to make a video describing why they are a great fit for the position. Since Social Media is all about community I thought this would be a question better answered by friends.

My next thought was that Twitter is ruled (in the most part) by services like Klout and Empire Ave that push a lot of self-promotion. I wanted to test the waters to see if people would help promote someone they know and have worked with.

That is where the last post came in. I found out that even through all the self-promotion, Social Media is still about community. There may be a lot of self-promotion that has infiltrated but people still care. Friends are still there to support you, even if they are not sure what you are working on.

That is community. Working together is what it is all about, thank you for your help with this little experiment.