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I can be creative like you!

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Creativity, the power or ability to invent. Now ever time I tell someone I graduated in Marketing I am then asked, “Oh you must be creative then, right?” My answer tends to be a little shocking for most but I at least feign creativity in life. I have heard that creativity involves relevant combinations (at least in advertising) and I can be very creative if need be. What gets me is the apparent lack of creativity in the marketing world for those that are truly good at what they do.

I am sure that whoever first came up with the term “Marketing Ninja” thought it would be funny to coin this phrase but probably thought it would not leave his group of friends. Now let’s face it, in Marketing everyone has a little bit ‘o nerd in them, I certainly do. What I do not understand is why can we not come up with a new term? Why does every company that is in the Marketing realm, looking for ninjas? Is it because a ninja can make something from very little? Well use the term McGeyver, a true modern day ninja. Or is it for the sneak attacks that the ninja are so famous for? Maybe we could be “Marketing Suicide Bombers!” (Maybe not)
This is my conundrum. Why are we so “creative but cannot think of a new term for ourselves that is not over-used. Creativity breeds new ideas or at least can breed new life into an old idea through a new way of looking at things. Let’s start with a new label for our “elite.” Time to brainstorm.
How about “Marketing gods” or “the supreme being of marketing.” OK those may be reserved for Ogilvy, Burnett, Bernbach and the rest of the advertising minds.
Let’s try “MVM -Most Valuable Marketer” or even something as simple as “Game Changer.”
To move away from sports we will proceed to “P.H.A.C. – Pretty Hot and Creative” or the “Don Juan of Online Social Media.” (I may claim that one one)
There are many more options to choose from. Most will probably be related to military positions but at least we can let the ninjas rest. If not i may bring out my Advertising Samurai for a legendary battle that would make Hollywood jump.