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First post.

Posted: June 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well I am fairly new to the blogging world. I figured I would try to contribute a little to the internet and also learn something in the process as I always learn more when I try to explain my views.

I recently returned from a three week long trip to Europe for school where I was privileged enough to learn more about the cultures in five different countries along with being able to learn how various companies conduct business in the international market. It was a great time and not only did I learn a lot from the companies but I also learned a lot from the other students I met.

One very common thing in Europe is the length of the business meeting. The people are very friendly and would much rather sit down and chat over a nice long lunch than have a short and sweet appointment. The art of schmoozing is alive and well across the ocean. It was interesting to me as I have been in sales for quite some time and we have become accustomed to quick visits that are very meaningless. We will talk about the weather or the family but typically we use this as pure filler until we get to the sales pitch. I truly respect the European culture as any visit you have is truly and warranted visit. They truly want to know with whom they are doing business.

Things were so much more laid back which is nice. It is true that Americans just want to move on to the next appointment and not worry about all the filler but as we grow into a truly global society, things will change… at least when we are in the other country. I do not see this approach working in the states because of our fast food culture. We want to know whether or not we have the sale and we do not want to waste any time. Unfortunately sometimes time is just a cost of doing business.

Well for now this is all I have to put down but fully intend to keep this blog updated. If you have any thoughts feel free to post them! Thanks.